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Oahu Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremonies in Hawaii

Celebrate your Oahu Vow Renewal in Hawaii
with a magical and Sacred Hawaii Wedding Ceremony on the beach

He Waiwai Nui Ka Lokahi - Unity is the most precious possession.

Imagine re-affirming your love and commitment with an Hawaiian vow renewal ceremony on a beautiful tropic beach in Honolulu, Waikiki or Kauai ...

A Hawaii vow renewal ceremony is a wonderful way for you to further deepen your commitment
and create a magical memory of everlasting love.

A vow renewal in Hawaii is a way of expressing your enduring love for one another. A renewal of vows in Hawaii is romance at its best and reaffirms the enchantment you still find in one another's company -
an affirmation of the presence of everlasting love
within your life.

Any of our Hawaii Wedding Packages can be used
for your vow renewal ceremony.

We have a large range of Hawaii Wedding Locations
and Hawaii Wedding Amenities for you to choose from

Please visit our online Hawaii Wedding planner and
design a vow renewal that uniquely reflects your love.

 The heart that loves is forever young.


wedding couple on secluded beach at Hawaii

A Oahu vow renewal ceremony is an opportunity to rekindle passion and celebrate a life together, and is intended to strengthen the bond of marriage. And what could be more romantic than repeating one's vows of love during sunset by the sea?



Hawaiin wedding couple by waves

These Hawaii vow renewals are usually casual, generally performed on the beach or other public domain, but the couple has the right to make the occasion formal, informal or casual as they see fit. 



wedding couple with friends

This is a celebration of the love you have for each other and the devotion of family and friends who have supported you and been there for you.




 wedding family all with leis

wedding couple in garden settingwedding couple holding hands

Oahu Hawaii Vow renewals
can range from a simple affair
to having a full floral arch. 

wedding couple under arch

Couples who married in a hurry
for various reasons,
often have a more elaborate celebration
for their vow renewal several years later
when they are more financially established
or have more time to devote
to the planning.

wedding couple sitting at beach     wedding couple and two children


A vow renewal in Hawaii will be a memory
that you will continue to cherish your entire life. 

We at Sweet Hawaii Wedding meet with you at our Fairytale Beach Estate to go over all of the details of your Hawaiian vow renewal. Your minister and coordinator go over the vow renewal ceremony and customize your vows to make certain they are perfect for YOUR expressions of love. We weave in Hawaiian traditions so that you have a unique and meaningful vow renewal ceremony in Hawaii. You receive a beautiful certificate of your Hawaii wedding vow renewal that is hand caligrahied with your names and your vow renewal date. You also receive a copy of your Hawaiian vow renewal. Both of these lovely mementos are suitable for framing.

When you are in Hawaii, you are in the most romantic place on Earth, so combine your Oahu vow renewal with a second honeymoon in Hawaii. Your Hawaii Vow Renewal Ceremony is a most treasured and romantic experience.

Your vow renewal exemplifies the wonders of life lived
with LOVE as the main ingredient. 
It is an important part of YOUR love story!

Happy wedding family

Choosing Your Vow Renewal Words

We can assist with choosing vow renewal words, or you can choose your own.

Below is a sample of many the vow renewals we offer.

When you first joined hands and hearts
on your wedding day, you did not know where
life would take you. You promised to love,
honor and cherish one another through
all things. Life has surely brought
you both occasional challenges and wonderful
blessings. Therefore, you have fulfilled your
promise and the many faces of God all are smiling! 
So, as you come here today to reaffirm your
wedding vows and as you reflect back over your
time as husband and wife, do you now reaffirm
the vows you took on your wedding day? 
If so, repeat after me.

"You are mine, my love, and I am yours, as
ordained by the creator from the beginning of time. 
Destiny brought us together, love kept us together.
You are the universe’s gift to me, my priceless
treasure, my blessing for life. May the Great Spirit
bless us as we renew our pledge of love
to one another, eternal."


We look forward to meeting with you and planning your Hawaii wedding. Please first fill out our wedding planner, read the Frequently Asked Wedding Questions page and then give us a call on our toll free number below. We can begin today to plan your Hawaii Wedding Day!




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